Fabrication Services

Truck Bumpers

We make custom designed truck bumpers to increase the functionality of your vehicle.  Starting with the proper design, we create based on your specifications.  Add a wench, or sweet LED light package to your truck.


Our custom flatbeds are designed to be tough to endure the day to day grind that is needed from a good truck.  Lighten the pain of having to move materials on and off your truck with one of our hydraulic tilt lifts.

Steel Targets

We have steel targets available for you to practice your shooting skills with.  Enjoy the ease of set up with these targets.  Furthermore, the ping you hear when you hit the target leaves you feeling the satisfaction of good marksmanship.


Since we provide fabrication services, we are really good at welding.  From simple connection points, to extravagant layouts, our welding skills are top notch.

Custom Metal Fabrication

If you do not see your metal job listed here, we offer free quotes on any metal fabrication or design.  We can create railings, stairs, fences, etc.  Just reach out to us and let us know your specifications, and we will get you taken care of.

Roof Racks & Cargo Racks

So you have a truck and need more room to store your materials.  Look no further than a custom roof rack to hold your equipment or toys.  A roof rack allows you to mount items on top and more effectively use your truck bed.